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Marketing @ Klaus 🐈

Announcing the Complexity Filter: Focus on Conversations Where Learning and Coaching is Most Needed

The cat's out of the bag!

πŸͺ„ Our data science team has been working on a brand new feature: the Complexity filter. It lets you zoom in on conversations that are more difficult to resolve than your average ticketβ€”with... (More)

Marketing @ Klaus 🐈

Announcing SOC 2 Compliance at Klaus πŸŽ‰

At Klaus, our commitment to data security goes beyond established protocols and industry compliance – it’s built into the foundation of our platform. We continually invest in security best practices to ensure that your data stays safe. Today, we’re excited... (More)

Marketing @ Klaus 🐈

Klausmojis for Slack

Klaus' research team detected a concerning disproportion of cat emojis in Slack. We had to fix this problem, so – meet Klausmojis!

A cat emoji for every occasion. If you have ideas on which emojis we should definitely add... (More)