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Setting up the process
Setting up the process

Discussions and questions around setting up the conversation review process: rating scales, peer review vs manager review, etc.

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Corinne Flanagan
Smartsheet Senior Manager of Training, Quality, & Operations

We do weekly calibration sessions and evaluate one interaction, either a call or web case. As a group, we either listen to the phone call or review a web case from our customer portal. We then evaluate and score the... (More)

anne p
training & quality mngr @ mockingbird

QA Managers, what's your setup for reviewing your Reviewers' Reviews?

Beyond a monthly group calibration, I'm curious to learn more about how other teams evaluate the work of their Reviewers for their QA performance evaluation, if anyone has a system they use? I'm setting this up for my QA team... (More)

Triin Ilves
community and events at klaus

Quality Assurance 101: Questions for the QA (template available!)

Quality assurance program is a great way to improve efficiency, boost morale and foster professional growth in your customer service team.

However, in order to achieve this, you’ll need to be asking the right questions while conducting your conversation reviews.... (More)