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Setting up the process
Setting up the process

Discussions and questions around setting up the conversation review process: rating scales, peer review vs manager review, etc.

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Hey @Sylwia Miela2!

Based on my own experience in doing it + the experience of hundreds of companies that I've talked to about this, I would say that "the more, the better" but less than 5% of volume (total... (More)

We started from 3-point scale in our previous team, but after first week of testing the process we agreed on 4-point scale instead.

The main purpose of using Klaus in that team was to evaluate the level of Support Team... (More)

Scorecard rating categories - specific vs. general?

How do you prefer your scorecard - general rating categories vs. detailed assessments?

It seems to me that having fewer questions that are more general would increase the number of reviews because reviewing is easier and quicker. However, detailed scorecards... (More)

Daniel Figueiredo
Operations Analyst @ Klaus (

Do you conduct calibration sessions and how?

As an analyst, I’m always interested in the statistical aspect of support quality. That’s why I think calibration sessions are a good way to evaluate the performance and internal expectations. Do you conduct calibration sessions and how have you set... (More)