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Setting up the process
Setting up the process

Discussions and questions around setting up the conversation review process: rating scales, peer review vs manager review, etc.

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Misty Kennedy-Walst
Customer Solutions Supervisor

I think it depends on many things.

What is the possible impact on the company for failing this point? Legal, Financial?

Is the point an important metric that you need and compliance is low no matter how many times you've... (More)

Ines van Dijk
Queen of Quality at

Hm, what would trigger the auto-fail, can you give an example? In general, I would say that an auto-fail would also need a nuanced explanation from a reviewer, but I feel like I'm missing a bit of information :) 

Riley James Young
Educational Content Specialist

Another great question Brianna! 😻

For me, when I was in this position, I was part of the "Customer Service Improvement team" which was a group of specialists who served the support department, but were not customer facing themselves (we... (More)

Riley James Young
Educational Content Specialist

Hey Brianna 😸

I think you are thinking about this the right way :) It can be a tough call to suddenly remove the 'easier'/macro/incident types of conversations, as you said, it can increase grader burden while also decrease IQS... (More)