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Setting up the process
Setting up the process

Discussions and questions around setting up the conversation review process: rating scales, peer review vs manager review, etc.

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Hello, Alejandra :)

I've found an article on Grading the Grader18 from Klaus. Basically, it says you can add a second/third/fourth scorecard for your reviewers and give them reviews, just like they do it for agents.

Some of the metrics... (More)

Bart Slodyczka
Customer Support Manager

Hey guys 👋 Sharing my new video on boosting CSAT, CES, and NPS scores by using a ticket QC process - I'd appreciate any feedback you may have!

Bart Slodyczka
Customer Support Manager

Enhancing QA & Coaching with Klaus: Tips and Advice

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share my experience with using Klaus in my company for the past few years. As the person responsible for introducing the tool and developing our QA and Coaching Process, I have discovered some key factors... (More)

Corinne Flanagan
Smartsheet Senior Manager of Training, Quality, & Operations

We do weekly calibration sessions and evaluate one interaction, either a call or web case. As a group, we either listen to the phone call or review a web case from our customer portal. We then evaluate and score the... (More)