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Need input for a survey, feedback on an idea, or someone to participate in an interview or webinar? Share it here.

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Lara Wright
QA Executive at Gymshark

Free information from the customer

Hey hey! We're looking to spruce up our scorecard and we wanted to see what other companies were doing in terms of free information that the customer provides in their message.

Is this something you pick up on? If so,... (More)

Neal Travis
Support & Admissions Manager @Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR)

Provide Feedback on my scorecard?

Since I am building a 0-budget QA Program, I am building my first scorecard for reviews in Google Sheets.

I wanted t also align the scoring with our Mission & Value and also make it clear why we score the... (More)

Amelia Rivas
Quality Assurance Lead - Member Experience

Peer Review Comment Structure Tips?

Howdy everyone! :) I'm hoping to get some tips or advice from this group. In our peer review process, we currently utilize both a scorecard and comments, and have quickly found that our team values the feedback from comments more... (More)

Jonathan Andreo
Customer Support Specialist turned Frontend Engineer

Software engineering for Customer Support folks

Hi! πŸ‘‹

I'm Jonathan.

I'm a French/Brazilian Customer-Support-Specialist-turned-Software-Engineer currently based in Berlin, Germany.

A few months ago I quit my job to avoid burning out (again..) and have been focusing on my mental health and leveling up my skills on... (More)