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Using Klaus
Using Klaus

Here's the place to ask any Klaus-related questions, provide feedback, send feature requests, and share your ideas.

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Merily Leis
Community Manager 🐈

Klausmojis for Slack

Klaus' research team detected a concerning disproportion of cat emojis in Slack. We had to fix this problem, so – meet Klausmojis!

A cat emoji for every occasion. If you have ideas on which emojis we should definitely add... (More)

Power up #2 - Bookmarklets ⚡️

Ever stumbled upon a conversation in your help desk that you'd love to review on Klaus? Well, find your help desk over at our Bookmarklets gallery, drag the button to your bookmarks bar and you can open any conversation... (More)

Pssst, we have a changelog

If you’re interested in finding out which small (and sometimes not so small) improvements we are making to our app, then this is where you can find all of those. The changelog focuses on user-visible improvements (UVIs), so most of... (More)

Power up #1 - Keyboard shortcuts 🎹

Really excited to announce that Klaus now has keyboard shortcuts to help you unleash your inner power-user. You can always remind yourself of the available shortcuts by accessing the help menu in the navbar

We're now eagerly waiting for your... (More)