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Using Klaus
Using Klaus

Here's the place to ask any Klaus-related questions, provide feedback, send feature requests, and share your ideas.

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Riley James Young
Educational Content Specialist

Klaus' Browser Extension Explained!

Have you ever wanted to review conversations directly in your helpdesk?

Do you want to review chats from platforms you have not connected with Klaus? 

Check out the video to see how Klaus' Browser Extension can help:

Question of the week: Do you measure Customer Dissatisfaction score (DSAT)?

  • How do you keep track and classify negative feedback?
  • How do you use the gathered data? (Coaching, product feedback, etc)

What's new in Klaus: Assignments 2.0! 🎉 (let us know what you think)

Our Review Assignments feature now offers greater flexibility to automate and accommodate your QA needs. Provide your team with a consistent flow of insightful conversations to review.

In addition to a brushed-up look and feel (hello, dedicated setup page!), we’ve... (More)