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Using Klaus
Using Klaus

Here's the place to ask any Klaus-related questions, provide feedback, send feature requests, and share your ideas.

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Quality Assurance 101: Questions for the QA (template available!)

Quality assurance program is a great way to improve efficiency, boost morale and foster professional growth in your customer service team.

However, in order to achieve this, you’ll need to be asking the right questions while conducting your conversation reviews.... (More)

What is the frequency that Klaus updates the imported conversations?

Hi, everyone! I'm new here, so apologies in advance if this question is included in the Knowledge Base! I tried giving it a read but decided I'd ask here to interact with you all. 😊

Our Help desk is... (More)

Tia Tuovinen
Customer Success at Veri

Not able to book a call or get in touch with Klaus team to start using the product

Hi all! I am so embarrassed to post here but it seems to be the only place I can (maybe?) reach Klaus staff. I would be interested in implementing the software but would need to speak with an account manager... (More)