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The right place for posting QA, CX, CS (you get the picture 😌) job listings.

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Merily Leis
Community Manager 🐈

Customer Support Specialist - Indianapolis, IN, USA

Lessonly is looking for a customer support pro who will serve on the front line of all customer communications, providing friendly and helpful support through all channels of communication--live chat, email, and phone. We’re developing a robust customer support program... (More)

Training and Quality Manager

Reposting this for Sahra Santosha, Global Director of CX at Pet Lab, since there might be good candidates in this community:

i got some great folks I'm scheduling chats with from my last post, so I thought I'd share this... (More)

Zach Bouzan-Kaloustian
Wild Alaskan Company - VP, Member Experience

Member Experience Specialist (Remote - US - select states)

Hey ya'll 👋

My team here at Wild Alaskan Company - is hiring for Member Experience Specialists. We're digital fish mongers and help our members with their subscription for wild, sustainably-caught Alaskan seafood. Take a look at the role below... (More)

Merily Leis
Community Manager 🐈

Join Klaus! 😻

Join us in building never-before-seen features, running whacky marketing campaigns, and putting a “=” sign between “Klaus” and “quality”.

We're hiring for the following positions:

Demand Generation Manager
Tallinn or remote UTC to UTC+5

Support Engineer
Remote UTC-3 to UTC-5... (More)