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The right place for posting QA, CX, CS (you get the picture 😌) job listings.

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Medea Margania
Customer Success at Klaus

Voi is looking for a Senior Quality Assurance Lead

Ines van Dijk
Tech Support Engineer & Queen of Quality

Looking for a person of quality?

Excuse the pun, I promise I can do better! That said: I am looking for my next career opportunity, and quality assessment is the way I'd like to move forward.

You can find my competences, references, and career to date... (More)

Quality Job Bites

Klaus has scouted three appealing job offers from the land of customer support and experience. Check 'em out:

Senior Central Quality Assurance Lead at Voi, in Stockholm, Sweden
Voi is currently looking to expand its User Support Operations team... (More)

Bolt is looking for a Head of Customer Support, Rides