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I'm new here - joined to learn from the best how to implement Klaus in my company and how to improve our team :)

Glad to join!

Lorena Linhares
Training and Development Senior Manager

Hello everyone

Found this cool community today and can't wait to have some puurrr-fect discussions with you all. I work as a training and QA manager for a poker company in Ireland, but I am originally from Brazil. 


Theo Panaritis
Community trainer, Webinar host, CX consultant

Nice to e-meecha!

I am Theo, writing to you from 🇬🇷 and very excited to join this space after checking out the love letter for communities that @Triin Ilves shared on LinkedIn.

I’m in the Learning and Development field building communities via interactive... (More)

Daniil Izotov
CX researcher @ Supprt Handbook

Introducing a Supprt Scientist

Hello there,

Glad to see so many friendly faces and animal lovers *meow*

I worked in CS industry for so long that started to vainly think I know everything. That's not true, is it? So I decided to check my... (More)