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Hi, everyone!

My name is Inês and I'm building the Customer Care department at Infraspeak, a startup for facility management software from Porto, Portugal 👩‍💻

Among experiences in other areas, I have almost 5 years of experience working in Customer Care and... (More)

Ben Maxwell
Customer Support Quality Specialist at Hopin

Hello other people and teams 😊

My name is Ben and I am a Customer Support Quality Specialist at Hopin. @Kara Seymour sent me lol, but I am also super happy to be here. I'm so happy that Hopin uses Klaus. I'm looking forward to... (More)

Kara Seymour
Head of Global Customer Support

Hey other awesome teams 👋

My name is Kara and I am the Head of Global CS at Hopin! Startups are a passion of mine, and quality plays a big part into how I love to see teams develop. Excited to have found Klaus,... (More)

Hey there! I’m Brad👋

I’m currently managing 2 teams for 2 different brands, one of them we just launched not too long ago 👉      to this role, I’m an operations manager for 10yrs. I'm happy to be here, thanks for having me😊