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Morooj Ayman
Customer service Manager

HI 😎

hello everyone 

my name is morooj I'm customer care manager in company  I lead 41 employees.

 We just recently started using Klaus and are really amazing. 



Mike Shannon
Quality Assurance Manager

Hello Everyone!😸

Hello Klaus Community!👋

I'm Mike and I'm leading up our newly formed QA team at Vend POS. Our aim is to really dive into our interactions with our retailers and build on the fantastic work our Support team already delivers... (More)

What a fantastic community of CX professionals

Hello everyone,

I am a CS team lead at Taxes for Expats, a remote company helping US expats around the globe file their US taxes.

I am leading a remote team of 8 CS execs.

Am thrilled to join the... (More)

🐈 greetings! 🐾


I'm Triin and yesterday (!) I joined Klaus to become their new Community Manager. This means that I'll most definitely start hanging out here and in other corners, alleyways, and places where the cool cats hang around. The whole... (More)