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Interesting content

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Ann Kaer
Multimedia Storyteller

What is Customer Service Quality Assurance? [explainer video]

With the help of @Riley James Young and a few more wonderful folks here at Klaus, we put together this lil animated explainer (featuring cats, obviously) to answer the ultimate question: To be or not to be? What is Customer... (More)

Intercom released the ultimate tech guide for support tools 📚

The recently published guide offers loads of insights on how to get the most out of support tools and how to combine them for maximum effect.

Or how @Chris Jewitt put it:

"You should try to keep things as simple... (More)

This blog post deserves praise 👏

Klaus' Empress of Product @Valentina Thörner wrote a great post about measuring quality. She offers a great view-point to how metrics are used, what's their purpose and what can be done with them.

Also, this:

They say “what gets measured,... (More)