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Interesting content

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[RSVP] Supporting Support Teams: How Wild Alaskan Company uses Assembled and Klaus for better customer experiences

Assembled and Klaus will host a joint online webinar together that focuses on how Wild Alaskan Company implemented WFM & QA to supercharge their support organization and elevate customer experiences, all while empowering their agents.

Join the webinar and find... (More)

Quality Assurance 101: Questions for the QA (template available!)

Quality assurance program is a great way to improve efficiency, boost morale and foster professional growth in your customer service team.

However, in order to achieve this, you’ll need to be asking the right questions while conducting your conversation reviews.... (More)

Big Questions, Tiny Mic interviews (Full show!)

Friday funsies and a 🤏 throwback to the Support Driven Leadership Summit where Klaus the cat asked a bunch of support leaders questions, such as:

  1. What's your number one tip for providing quality customer support?
  2. Which fictional character would be... (More)

Free credits 🤑 in Freshworks x Klaus partner programme

📣 Startups, hear-hear! 📣

Klaus community of startups now get up to $10,000 in credits on Freshworks products!

Freshworks is part of many of our integrations. It includes a variety of different tools: from customer and employee engagement solutions... (More)