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Triin Ilves
community and events at klaus

In case you missed: rewatch the first edition of Keeping up with Klaus

We recently hosted our first Keeping up with Klaus webinar where resident quality connoisseurs, Diogo and Riley, shared their best practices on using Klaus. Here's the recording if you missed it:


CSAT Integration


Our Team is brainstorming ways to integrate CSAT into our regular review process. We track CSAT, but the data remains unused because we favor IQS. However, I'm sure there are benefits to considering/sharing CSAT.

Do you create CSAT goals... (More)

Dolores Mäekivi
Product Researcher @Klaus

Seeking your valuable input: Call quality assurance

Hey all!

I’m Dolores, I work as a product researcher at Klaus 😺

I’m currently doing research about callQA and would love your help. I'm looking to talk to people who offer customer support through calls and need automation to... (More)

Triin Ilves
community and events at klaus

Summertime webinars: learn about the AI quality checks and Klaus' best practices

End of July is not just for heatwaves. We'll be covering hot topics in two upcoming webinars. Sign up, tune in, and enjoy the breeze of good ideas shared 🌬

👉 Webinar: Whether team Bot or team Human - the... (More)