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Coaching and onboarding
Coaching and onboarding

Successful onboarding and coaching processes are the key to stronger relationships, retention, and productivity.

This topic is for discussions and questions around agent coaching and onboarding. Share your tips and tricks or get help with a problem you're tackling.

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Ethan M
Senior QA & Training Specialist @ Typeform

Resources on coaching underperforming reps from a QA perspective?

Hello everyone! I'm interested in learning more about coaching underperforming reps from a QA perspective.

I'm very new to QA, so would love to have some help on where to start if I want to learn more about this. For... (More)

Launching Klaus' first quality assurance course

Big news: Klaus just launched Klaus' Courses - our first ever quality assurance course for companiew who want to set up the purrfect customer service QA program.

Kudos to @Riley James Young and @Ann Kaer who are the leading duo... (More)

Valentina Thörner
Empress of Remote & Quality Support

There's a third option. You could create a specific scorecard for new hires, or even create a specific review process for them which is more geared towards onboarding and creating relationships.

For example, you could assign each hire a buddy,... (More)