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Triin Ilves
Community @ Klaus
Asked a question last year

What's the most memorable praise or 'job well done' moment that you've had while talking to a customer? šŸ˜» And the worst? šŸ™€ Let me know in the comments šŸ‘‡

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Luna Searles
Customer Support Learning and Development Lead

Praise? When a customer DEMANDED to speak to my CEO because the support I provided was that stellar (dusts shoulders off). They then took to Facebook for more praise. It was a great feeling.

The worst was also on Facebook. A lady I spoke to didn't like the answer I gave her and took to Facebook and Twitter to specifically bash ME. The problem is people I know were in the same community where she posted it and I had to field questions about that situation for a week.Ā 

I don't miss being on the ticket queue. LOL!