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Medea Margania
Customer Success at Klaus
Asked a question 3 years ago

What is your approach to conversation reviews/QA: do you prefer to do peer-to-peer reviews, top-down, self-reviews, or a mixture of all of these?

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Kieley Crisp
Director of Client Success @ EventBooking

We do conversation reviews as a team 1-2x per month. We gather around a conference room table, pull up Klaus on the big screen TV, and pick 2-3 conversations per person to review. I have a team member volunteer to read the customer's email aloud and then have the team member who responded to the customer read his/her response aloud. The entire team weighs in with feedback and praise, and then we collectively decide on the ratings to assign in Klaus. 

I would like to introduce peer-to-peer reviews and self reviews eventually too! 

Natalia Jurczuk
Support Operations Manager @ Workable

We use a mix of top-down and peer-to-peer reviews, but from only more senior team members. Through some experiments we saw that people find it very hard to score your teammate low if they made mistakes. While you can apparently make QA job easier for you by distributing workload through p2p reviews and have more evaluations completed, I believe it's not just that the quantity of the reviews that matter, but the quality of the feedback that you can give  to your people. 

Simone Secci
Head of Support @doodle

We do a mixture of top down and peer-to-peer reviews. 
As a Head of Support I would just randomly find some emails from team members that need some coaching while reviewing specific batches of technical issues and I would then use Klaus to review those via the Chrome extension. 
Our more standard conversation review process is instead 100% peer-to-peer. 
Each team member has to review 1 ticket for each member of the team every week. 
I'm not directly involved with this process and it's coordinated by someone in my Tier 2 team.
However, I would sit down with this person to understand coaching opportunities for individual team members.