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Triin Ilves
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Asked a question last year

Lots of new users have joined Quality Tribe recently 😻. Let's do a quick round of hellos with a quick round of questions: 1) Where are you based? 2) What's your role? 3) What's one thing on your work-mind that someone could help you with?

Where am I?

In Quality Tribe you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!


  1. My team and I are based in Kansas City, Missouri!
  2. I'm a Support Specialist, but I recently have taken responsibility for our IQS process.
  3. As I prepare to lead my first Calibration Session, I'd love some tips for structuring the meeting!

aHi, I'm Isa!! Me and my team have been loving to use Klaus, just wanted to throw this out there haha 

  1. I'm from South Brazil, and I currently work remotely for a company based in Hawaii!
  2. My role there is as the Head of Customer Support. I lead our 30+ people team. That's a lot of performance reviews to do hahaha
  3. One thing someone could help me with, hmmm - I think one of the challenges my team is facing right now is how to best engage the team to actually read the feedback they receive in Klaus. How could we be more efficient in that sense? The team loves writing feedback in the app, but I feel like they tend to forget to check the feedback they receive very often.