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Brianna Bulack
Product Support Specialist @ CoinTracker
Asked a question 2 months ago

Interested in seeing if anyone has any experience or insights for how to "disqualify" a ticket from being QA'd.

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Riley James Young
Educational Content Specialist

Hey Brianna 😸

I think you are thinking about this the right way :) It can be a tough call to suddenly remove the 'easier'/macro/incident types of conversations, as you said, it can increase grader burden while also decrease IQS scores for your agents! However, you also need to think how useful is it for your graders to be reviewing these types of conversations. Are there any learning moments in these specific conversations for your agents? Or do they generally get scored at 100%?Β 

This could be something worthwhile tracking over a month. You could have your reviewers add a tag "Disqualify?" to each review they leave on a conversation that falls under this category (spam, incidents, macros, single message convos etc). That way you can pull that list of "Disqualify" reviews up, and take a deep dive into them to see if they really were worth the time or not βŒ›οΈ

In my previous company, we made the call to remove these from our assignments, as we found we were almost always grading 100% and since most of these types of conversations are semi-scripted or following protocol, the support reps really did not have any room to improve.Β 

As long as you communicate the change clearly to your reviewers and support reps, so that they understand why you are removing these types of tickets from the assignments, I dont think it will have a big negative impact! Plus, reviewing those "simple" tickets gets boring after doing hundreds of themΒ