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Brianna Bulack
Product Support Specialist @ CoinTracker
Asked a question last year

Interested in hearing about experiences from teams who have dedicated QA staff: How do they interact with the rest of the support org or company? How do they interact with agents? How much time do they spend not doing QA? (reporting, data analysis, coordinating improvements with other teams)

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Riley James Young
Educational Content Specialist

Another great question Brianna! 😻

For me, when I was in this position, I was part of the "Customer Service Improvement team" which was a group of specialists who served the support department, but were not customer facing themselves (we had the likes of Trainers, Knowledge base managers, Process specialists, systems manager, etc in this team). Our overall team goal was to continuously improve the customer facing side of the departments day to day life and results! We were very much involved and 'known" to the rest of the department, and would often speak directly to support reps and be available to help answer questions, and would also present in the department All-hands meetings.

As the QA specialist, I would spend no more than 4 hours a day on actual reviews (anymore and I would start to burnout!) and the rest of the time was spent either attending meetings, or creating reports, or doing some deep dives at request of others in the team. I have also heard of others spending less time doing actual reviews, and more time doing other tasks like coordinating improvements with other teams like the training team. In my case, the team leads or managers would be the ones to discuss feedback and go over poor QA tickets with their reps, but it is also very common for the QA specialist to do this themselves, so if that is the case then more time would be needed to perform those meetings with your support reps. 

Do you currently have a dedicated QA member? How are you doing things at the moment at CoinTracker?