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Ines van Dijk
Queen of Quality at
Asked a question 2 years ago

Howdy friends! I'm curious to hear how often you review your scorecards. Or do you set and 'forget' - meaning you create the scorecard once and then work off of that for a prolonged amount of time?

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Hi Ines! We consider the scorecard a 'living document' and keep it under constant review as everyone in the support team (agents, qa agents, team leads, managers) finds things that can be improved or aren't represented correctly. We're all deep in the nitty gritty, with managers reading tickets to investigate ongoing issues, so this system works for us. How about you?ย 

Corinne Flanagan
Smartsheet Senior Manager of Training, Quality, & Operations

I assume scorecards are specific to Klaus in this question? We don't use Klaus at this point in time, but we do have a Quality Dashboard with all of the data broken out in many different ways. The managers review with their individual team members in their weekly 1:1 meetings. I review the entire quality "big picture" with the management team, including our senior director, at our Monthly Business Review. ย 

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Asked a question 2 years ago
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