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Aspen Meade
Support Trainer
Asked a question 2 years ago

How soon do you begin reviewing a new hire? Do you give them time to ramp up, or do you throw them into the mix right away?

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Valentina Thörner
Empress of Remote & Quality Support

There's a third option. You could create a specific scorecard for new hires, or even create a specific review process for them which is more geared towards onboarding and creating relationships. 

For example, you could assign each hire a buddy, someone more experienced who's going to look out for them in the first 4-8 weeks. They could introduce the new hire to key people, and regularly review interactions with the goal to speed up the learning process. Make these reviewes a bit more frequent, e.g. two or three tickets every other day and have the two meet and discuss the feedback on a call or in person. 

This is especially helpful if your support team is remote (either for now, or indefinitely) because it reduces the starter's anxiety for the new hire. They know that they are not forgotten, they get to know at least one other person from their team (or a sister team) a bit more in depths - and that person can make sure that the new hire ends up in the right Slack channels, gets an invite to the "not so official conversations". Oh, and you establish right from the beginning that reviews and feedback are a crucial part of your company culture.

And then, after 2-3 months, graduate them into the "official" review program. Suddenly it becomes a milestone :)

Triin Ilves
community and events at klaus

Tagging some of our all-star community members here to pitch in: @Lilith Antunovic75 @Becky O73 @Corinne Flanagan89 @Luna Searles69 how quick is the process in your companies?