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Ines van Dijk
Queen of Quality at
Asked a question last year

Hi friends! I’m curious to hear how you go about creating training materials based on your QA programme. Do you create everything in-house or have you also considered investing in external resources? Think coaching, online training, that sort of thing - specific to CS? I see a lot of businesses trying to reinvent the wheel and I'm working on creating more globally available training materials (think empathy training, or conflict resolution strategies).

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Theo Panaritis
Community trainer, Webinar host, CX consultant

That's a great questions Ines! 

I think reinventing the wheel won't happen anytime soon, it got close when SCORM came about but I haven't seen something that groundbreaking as that since.

I always go for creating in-house content since there are a lot of benefits here; 

  • your in-house trainers know the style of learning of the employees
  • in-house language is used in the courses (all companies have their own lingo!)
  • examples from case studies and customers are real and not hypothetical (and even if not real entirely, they are based on 'true stories' and that's a fact, not a Hollywood disclaimer!) 

Of course, lots of content regarding CX is globally common, dealing with conflict or showing empathy as you said. I guess that having a solid structure that you can customize and offer to your peers like an 'open source' course would help them get the knowledge and apply their own examples and cases to compliment the foundation that you can offer.