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Kateryna Babe
Data Analyst
Asked a question 2 years ago

Hi folks, just some inspiration is needed. We are currently trying to develop inspiring and motivating reports for our 1st Level (1st Tier) Support Team. They are responsible for providing requesters with first reply and escalating incoming requests further. The problem is that the (1st Tier) team is more concerned with a number of tickets processed rather than some other more important metrics - internal quality score, etc. Do you have an idea on the performance report we can suggest them apart from a number of tickets first assigned and replies sent? Right now we our report looks as follows: Tickets first assigned, replies and notes sent, AVG first response time, first call resolution tickets, first response SLA violated. P.S. We send those reports to the team on a daily and weekly bases. If you have some recommendations to add or know some sources with report templates, let me know.

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Valentina Thรถrner
Empress of Remote & Quality Support

Hey Kateryna,ย 

I feel your pain! The classic question about what to measure, because that's what people optimize for. In your case though it looks like you are already measuring things other than just first responsi time and numbers of replies - and yet your Support Team ignores other metrics. And my first question is: why is that? What is the incentive to optimize one measurement over the other?ย 

The incentive can be quite subtle. Do you praise support reps for high reply numbers, but don't ever mention IQS? Does your business overview always includes number of replies sent, but doesn't mention documents improved thanks to detailed notes left by support reps? Is volume something people boast about (because quantitative) and being really good at diffusing first angry contacts is something no one notices? How can you draw positive attention to metrics outside of the norm?ย 

@Triin Ilves167 already mentioned the infographic where you can find all the things to track. While looking at the options, keep in mind that the deeper question about what type of behaviour do you want to encourage with your metrics. And then optimize for that - in tracking, but also in how you talk about and respond to metrics changing over time. And if you can tie those back into your support creed or company values - that's even more powerful.ย 

Triin Ilves
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Hi @Kateryna Babe80 - this infographic299 includes some metrics that you can look into, i.e. first contact resolution rate vs escalation rate, etc.


Also, perhaps @Corinne Flanagan102, @Kristin Reynolds77 or any of our senior CS people have good examples to share from their own experience ๐Ÿ™