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Matt Braun
Training & Quality Manager
Asked a question last year

Hi all, we are scaling up and hence will need to start hiring QA Specialists. How much time in a day would be reasonable for QA Specialists just to do evaluations? (considering they would also take part in projects, meetings, calibration, etc.) I guess in other words, on an average day how many hours do your QA's do QA's? Thanks in advance :)

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Riley James Young
Educational Content Specialist

Hey Matt!  

In my own experience, I found that around 4 hours day would be the limit for actual reviewing, and even then that was on the higher end. I also had a load of other projects, reports to build, meetings, calibrations etc. 

I found that after 4 hours of reviewing in one day, you really just start to burn-out or get 'grading fatigue' (although this can depend on the types of conversations you review, for example if its non-technical, or very short conversations, you may last a bit longer before the fatigue sets in)

There were of course somedays where I would not review at all due to other projects, and some days where all I did was review.  But as a general rule, I wouldn't go over 4 hours per day!

Ethan M
Senior QA & Training Specialist @ Typeform

I'm not an expert in QA, but I can tell you that the expectations for the new role we are opening are around 16h/week just for evaluations on Klaus. Hope that helps!