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Asked a question 2 months ago

Hey there! Im currently checking to revamp some things for my team and would like to know what you believe are the best metrics to measure your reviewers/auditors and if you have discovered any particular feature you find helpful for this in Klaus :) Any opinion would be super helpful

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Hello, Alejandra :) 

I've found an article on Grading the Grader18 from Klaus. Basically, it says you can add a second/third/fourth scorecard for your reviewers and give them reviews, just like they do it for agents. 

Some of the metrics I've found are being used in such scorecards are: 

  • accuracy 
  • empathy 
  • timeliness 
  • helpfulness (comment quality) 

If grammar and text structure is a priority for your company (perhaps, those are critical metrics for your agents), then some even add it to reviewers scorecards. 

If we were to add some other metrics (beyond the review itself), the common ones are:

  • number of disputes per reviewer
  • number of conversations reviewed
  • reviews' regularity

I am still searching and analyzing information on this topic and interested to know what are the current metrics and goals you have set for your graders? Are you implementing Klaus in some way to grade the auditors?