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Kaitlyn Morrissey
Customer Support Quality Assurance Executive
Asked a question last month

Hey guys, Kaitlyn here from Gymshark👋 I'm currently looking into Customer Support Bots, their accuracy and the best way to review them. If anyone has any experience or insight into this, I'd love to have a chat. Thanks🦈

Where am I?

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Medea Margania
Customer Success at Klaus

Hey Kaitlyn 😊,

For a customer support bot, I recommend checking out Ultimate at We have a partnership with them and share many common clients who use their chatbot solution. All the data from these interactions can be imported into Klaus for you to review. If you'd like to learn more about their accuracy, I'd be happy to connect you with someone from their team who can provide more information.

In terms of reviewing and best practices, we recently published an article on this topic. Our team is also actively working on an AutoQA update, which will enable you to automatically review all bot interactions. You can find the article here: