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Kasha Nesbitt
Quality Assurance Specialist
Asked a question 2 years ago

Hello everyone! I’m currently looking at ways of improving our feedback loop and would love to hear about your best practices. Currently, we leave it to agents to check Klaus and their team leads to discuss scores and feedback through 1:1s. In addition, any contact that receives a score of 70% or less will be Pinned/Flagged to the Team Lead within Klaus with additional feedback to discuss. This system works but is not an airtight solution - What are some of the things you’ve done in order to improve how feedback is delivered from QA Team > Team lead > Agent. Additionally, how can we better optimize how scores get factored into agents' development? Curious to hear other feedback workflows, thanks all!

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Becky O
CS Quality and Training Specialist at Typeform

We use it in 2 ways, weekly Peer reviews and monthly Feedback Sessions with the Quality Specialist (me).
The peer reviews are 5 reviews plus one self-review a week.
In monthly feedback sessions, I review 20-30 tickets from the previous month and then sit with each advocate once a month to go over their scores and set monthly goals to work on.
I then meet with the managers once a month to discuss any high and low points/issues/concerns etc.

Triin Ilves
community and events at klaus

I know that Echo, Mixtiles, and Typeform are using Pins as a feature. 

@Becky O87, @Ola Weintraub84, @Matthew McGregor-Morales81 perhaps you can help out. With or without using the feature, how do you utilise put Klaus into use for 1:1s or feedback? 

Marketing @ Klaus 🐈

Hi Kasha! I have a couple of resources that may be useful for this:

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Hope these help a bit