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Luna Searles
Customer Support Learning and Development Lead
Asked a question 6 days ago

Giving our quality scorecard a massive overhaul. Anyone got any advice to share? It's been a minute since we've done it and I could use some new insight.

Where am I?

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Hey, Luna! We recently changed our internal scorecard that we use in Klaus, too. Perhaps @Valentina Thörner7 can help you have a look at yours. Or perhaps @Sarah Ellenberg10, as she runs the global customer team at Partnerhero 🙌

Scorecard overhaul - YES!
First on the agenda - assess what worked and what didn't based on your current scorecard. Talk to support reps and get feedback on what was most helpful, and what was least helpful. With that insights, look at each category individually and assess the following: 

  • Is this category unique or can it be combined with another category? 
    Because less categories are usablly better than more. 
  • Do I have clear examples of the different rating options for the category? 
    For example, is there a clear example for a positive, a slightly positive, a slightly negative, and a negative rating. Usually, if you can't come up with the examples, it means the category ratings won't be super helpful. Also, make sure to add these examples to your knowledge base so others can check when they are unsure. 
  • Can you make use of root causes to simplify categories?
    Even if you start with free-form root causes, this can help you to systematize things that can go wrong. 
  • Is this category something I want my support reps to potentially stress out about? 
    If you can solve grammar mistakes and orthography problems by using a tool like Grammarly, you might not have to specifically rate for this. Focus on the things you want to impact, which is most often than not clustered around knowledge, process, in-company communication. 



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