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Valentina Thörner
Empress of Remote & Quality Support
Asked a question 3 years ago

Feedback - anonymous or not? We just had this interesting discussion in our team how anonymity impacts feedback, and how anonymity can help to make it more candid, but also can be perceived as more threatening. What's your take? How does your feedback varied based on anonymity or not? Do you prefer to receive feedback with or without a name tag on it?

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 It depends! Is the feedback related to a product, to a team, or to a person?  

For a product: I will always give open feedback because it is the easiest way for someone else to understand what I am looking for as a client or user.

For teams:  during 1:1 sessions, it is the best time to give open feedback. If the leadership is transparent enough, the lead, manager, or director will know how to transfer it to the team.

3- For persons: just if the person is asking me directly for my opinion I will give open feedback or if I am a manager talking with a member of my team.

Corinne Flanagan
Smartsheet Senior Manager of Training, Quality, & Operations

I prefer open feedback sans anonymity personally. I am comfortable giving and receiving open feedback. While I recognize the value of using it in some use cases (surveys, etc) I believe that agents might find anonymous quality feedback threatening and impersonal.  I also feel a cloak of anonymity could possibly lead to more harsh feedback than when a name is attached to it.