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Sarah Ellenberg
Head of Global Quality @ Partnerhero (ex-Airbnb)
Asked a question last year

Does anyone have a good process that you use for auditing the auditors? I'm thinking of a 2nd layer of reviews to double check the accuracy of the initial quality evaluator. Any ideas?

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Valentina Thörner
Empress of Remote & Quality Support

Hey Sarah,

Reviewing reviewers (review inception?) can be a great addition to calibration. While in calibration sessions all reviewers review the same tickets (to see where they diverge in their assessments), reviewing the reviews themselves can give a much more personal feedback to individual reviewers.

In Klaus, you could do this via the extension (here's how41), or using the pins feature and assigning the pin comments to the reviewer in question. 

Either way, you'll need a specific scorecard for your reviewer reviews, since you'll very likely look at different categories, such as: 

  • specificity of the feedback
  • word choice
  • clear instructions of what could have been better

Or maybe you know already what you want to review? I'd love to hear your take!