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Daniel Figueiredo
Operations Analyst @ Klaus (
Asked a question 2 years ago

Do you conduct calibration sessions and how?

Daniel Figueiredo
As an analyst, I’m always interested in the statistical aspect of support quality. That’s why I think calibration sessions are a good way to evaluate the performance and internal expectations. Do you conduct calibration sessions and how have you set it up?
Ines van Dijk
Yes - my team has done calibration exercises regularly in the past. We typically pick out one or two interactions to look at, and then rate them as we would during peer-to-peer review sessions. We post our ratings simultaneously while on a Zoom call, then discuss our differences. We've always come out learning more about the viewpoints of our colleagues, as well as the expectations on rating different areas of communication.

My team did these exercises bi-weekly for a long while, but have recently made room for different topics during our team calls.

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Good afternoon! Sorry my english is very very bad meow


Calibration sessions are held once a month / quarter.
All control specialists participate in it.
We read each criterion aloud and answer the questions: 
- is this problem really relevant? 
- is it currently in trend and affects the client's experience? 
- do dispatchers make mistakes on this position? 

We listen to the arguments of each specialist controller and make a mutual decision which is based on the answers : 
- change the assessment of the criterion (determining how to do it right and how to do it wrong) 
- delete the criterion 
- add new criteria 

I believe that all control specialists must participate in the calibration, since they directly face the problems of dispatchers every day.

Merily Leis
Marketing @ Klaus 🐈

Here's a new article we wrote on the topic. Hope you enjoy:
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Do you conduct calibration sessions and how?
Corinne Flanagan
Smartsheet Senior Manager of Training, Quality, & Operations

We conduct weekly calibration sessions with all reviewers. We rotate between email cases, phone calls, chat, and our Pro Desk "expert sessions". Everyone has time to review (or listen) for the first part of the hour. We individually score the case (with comments) and the scores populate into one sheet for comparison. The facilitator then shares his screen and we dig into the sections with the greatest variance and discuss.