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Kateryna Shelest
Head of Support
Asked a question 3 years ago

Customer Satisfaction Rate matters but we cannot completely rely on it, because it is not always informative and fair. Do you review and analyze bad rated chats/emails in Klaus? If yes, do you use separate filter/group, random list or use other approach?

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Valentina Thörner
Empress of Remote & Quality Support

Hey Katerina, 

Oh how I hear you! CSAT is often not about that specific interaction, and it's more a reflection of how the customer felt this day (which may or may not be connected to the problem they had).

That said, at Klaus we indeed do internal reviews for our CX team, though we do not focus exclusively on negative ratings (in part because we do not get enough negative ratings - which I guess is a good problem to have). Instead, we ask every single person at Klaus to review at least 10 interactions every month for our CX team. This has several advantages: 

  • Our CX team gets feedback from a lot of different people that are not necessarily CX specialist themselves and hence have other perspectives. 
  • Our non-CX team members (designer, developers, marketing, product etc) get insights into real interactions with real customers which in turn connects them to our product and how to always remember whom we are building this for. 

From my experience previously to Klaus, I can share that at Automattic we did weekly reviews of all tickets with negative CSAT score and a comment. We would rate and review those and then either talk to agents/ team leads involved or create resources to revert trends that were visible across the division (e.g. don't forget to summarise the customer's question to make sure that you understood it correctly and to allow the customer to correct you if needed without thinking you are not listening). 

And to do this easily, a filter in Klaus with the condition "satisfaction is negative" (or the equivalent vocabulary for your helpdesk - those can vary quite a bit) and a time restriction of "last week" or "last seven days" can make it much easier.