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Kristina Keyser
Manager of Customer Support, North America
Asked a question 6 months ago

A question about automations: I'd love to have some Slack automations in place for: 1. for agents when they have received a negative review on one of their tickets 2. managers are notified when one of their agent's tickets has been rated below a certain threshold. Does anyone know if this is something that is possible either in the tool itself or through the use of a 3rd party integration? Would love to hear how others may have accomplished this already, thank you!

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Daniil Izotov
CX researcher @ Supprt Handbook

I am not a particularly techie guy, but I had such automations in place in Slack.Β 

It were definitely 3rd party integrations, but some of that were made by our own developers. You should draw them how you want to see it, and probably they will come up with a self-made solution.

Remember, that you can pitch it as a savings point because you will be working more on improving support, rather than the mundane task of monitoring bad reviews and DM-ing them to the right people