Why? Because there are two (!) Women In Tech conferences and both will take place on 7-11 June. And our πŸ‘‘ Empress of Product @Valentina ThΓΆrner will speak in both of them πŸ™Œ:

✨ The Women in Tech World Series Online Festival where featured speakers are Michelle Obama, Whitney Wolfe Herd, Barbara Martin Coppola, Serena Bellesi and other amazing leaders. 
β†’ Bonus: if you plan to purrrchase a ticket, you can get a small discount with the code SPEAKERS15.

✨ WomenTech Global Conference where Valentina will host a session: "From forced remote to hybrid connection: creating a company culture that works independent of the office." Conference speakers include Robin Ginn, Sara Luchian and many other #femtech superstars.