Here's a follow-up to the article 5 Steps to a Successful Support QA Calibration Process.

Pros and Cons of 3 Support QA Calibration Strategies

Conversation reviews and agent feedback can have a huge impact on the support team’s performance and productivity. But how do we know that the impact is positive? More specifically, how can we be sure that all reviewers leave unbiased and consistent feedback across the team?

The answer lies in support QA and quality calibrations – a systematic way of comparing different reviewers’ rating styles and patterns with the goal of providing consistent feedback that is fair and helpful to agents, regardless of who the reviewer is.

But before you jump into reviewing your reviewers’ reviews, take a moment to think about which support QA calibration strategy to use for your team. We’ve brought out the three main setups that you can use; choose the one that suits your goals and your team culture the best.