I recently read this LinkedIn blog post from Jeff Toister (I've been following him since I heard him speak at an ICMI conference a couple of years ago) about solving performance challenges through observation of agents who "get it right":

"Can you identify your Betty?

Early in my career, I learned that finding Betty was a great way to solve a problem.

My department was tasked with creating a training program to teach contact center agents to upsell credit cards.

Our success rate was 5%. It needed to be 20%.

The instinctive move would be to gather the management team in a conference room and invent something.

I'm glad I didn't do that.

Something told me to look at the numbers.

One agent, Betty, really stood out.

While the average was 5%, Betty was successful 40% of the time.

So I spent some time with Betty. Listened to her calls. Picked her brain.

It quickly became clear what she did differently, and better, than everyone else.

*That* was the basis of the training program.

Agents loved it because it came from Betty, not management.

Very soon, the upsell average went from 5% to over 20%.

That lesson has always stuck with me. Anytime I want to solve a problem, I try to find a Betty."  

I think this can help solve FCR challenges, be used to create more effective training, and also recognize top performers (instant morale boost).