Happy New Year! 

I ran across this content from Jeff Toister of Toister Performance Solutions, Inc. and I really loved the idea of asking agents to self-identify great customer experiences and celebrate them while breaking them down and learning scalable, repeatable behaviors to delight customers. 

After reading this -I would love to hear if you all have done anything like this where agents self-identify and analyze great experiences. What did that look like? Was the content shared to benefit other team members? How did the agents react to being asked to "find the good" versus getting corrective feedback?

Conduct After Action Reviews (all content written by Jeff Toister)

We tend to review the situation when things go wrong, but how about when things go right? The "after-action review" is a great technique to use when your customers are elated so you can figure out how to do it more often.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Identify situations where customers are obviously very happy with the service they've received.

Step 2: Determine what you did to contribute to the customer's outstanding experience. (You may also want to take note of any factors that were beyond your direct control, such as a special sale or the customer was in a great mood, to begin with.)

Step 3: Decide what you will do to get a similar result the next time you serve a customer in the same situation. The idea is to deliberately repeat what's working rather than leave it to chance.