We created this community to share ideas, tackle problems, and discuss topics with like-minded people in the CX space. We are super grateful to have such a great bunch here, sharing their expertise. Thank you, for being an active member of the community. And as a physical representation of our 'thank you' we'd love to share some gifts with you!

Here's how you can cop some Klaus Swag:

  • If you invite a new member to the community, ask them to mention your name in the Introductions Topic. Every new member helps to make the community better and more valuable. Thanks for making that happen.
  • You get reputation points for taking part in discussions, asking and answering questions, and generally being active in the community. Every month we reward the members at the top of the "Most Reputable Users" list.

If you complete any of the steps listed above then we will get in touch with you to arrange the delivery of the Swag Package.

If you have any questions about earning swag, just get in touch here or leave a comment below.