We love being organized in everything we do, so we've created a checklist for onboarding new support agents šŸ¤“Ā 

You can download a free copy for your team (and read more about it) here: https://www.klausapp.com/blog/customer-service-agent-onboarding-checklist-free-template/

Our onboarding flow covers the following topics:Ā 

  1. Introducing support vision and goals
  2. Meeting the team
  3. Coaching and mentoring programs
  4. Product training
  5. Tools and proceedings
  6. Customer service macros, templates, and hacks
  7. Communication style
  8. Real-life support cases with training wheels
  9. Intro to team and company culture

Are you using a checklist when onboarding new agents? Which topics does it cover?