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Klaus' Courses
Klaus' Courses
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Welcome to the Klaus' Courses study group! 🎉

Klaus' Courses is a virtual course for customer service professionals looking to boost their skills to the fullest potential.

Join Riley, Klaus' educational expert, and enroll in the course.


Have you tried out tips from the course in your day-to-day work?

Hola! The first course has been up for some time now. I checked the statistics and almost 100 of you have finished the course and earned their diploma.

But as we all know - a simple diploma does not do... (More)



The moment you've been waiting for...

The Klaus' Courses giveaway result. Thank you to everyone who shared their sertificate in social media!

Since we are fans of quality (and felt doing something extra), we are going Oprah with the giveaway... (More)

Daniil Izotov
CX researcher @ Supprt Handbook

Purr-fect score on the a-meow-zing QA course

The course is helpful even for the experienced guys. Bravo, team ✋

You get to know the what, when and how. Best part that I am grateful for is the communication flow.

(Still waiting for the certificate, though)


Kenza Raiss
Senior Quality Analyst @Majorel

I got my certifi-cat! 😻