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Setting up the process
Setting up the process

Discussions and questions around setting up the conversation review process: rating scales, peer review vs manager review, etc.

Daniel Figueiredo
Operations Analyst @ Klaus (
Voted for Yes, they can dispute and we change the score

Hey @Sylwia Miela35 In a previous SaaS company I have worked for we were allowing appeals and also changing scores retroactively whenever the new assessment invited us to do so. At least in our case, changing the score was a... (More)

Hey @Sylwia Miela29!

Based on my own experience in doing it + the experience of hundreds of companies that I've talked to about this, I would say that "the more, the better" but less than 5% of volume (total... (More)

Hey Katerina,

Oh how I hear you! CSAT is often not about that specific interaction, and it's more a reflection of how the customer felt this day (which may or may not be connected to the problem they had).

That... (More)