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Amelia Rivas
Quality Assurance Lead - Member Experience

Peer Review Comment Structure Tips?

Howdy everyone! :) I'm hoping to get some tips or advice from this group. In our peer review process, we currently utilize both a scorecard and comments, and have quickly found that our team values the feedback from comments more... (More)

Jonathan Andreo
Customer Support Specialist turned Frontend Engineer

Software engineering for Customer Support folks

Hi! πŸ‘‹

I'm Jonathan.

I'm a French/Brazilian Customer-Support-Specialist-turned-Software-Engineer currently based in Berlin, Germany.

A few months ago I quit my job to avoid burning out (again..) and have been focusing on my mental health and leveling up my skills on... (More)

Daniil Izotov
CX researcher @ Supprt Handbook

🎀 Review for a 60-min interview

Hello there,

Hope I'm not violating any rules, cause I wanna ask for help.

My team is creating a product for international support teams to make their soft-skills stand out from the crowd. And there is not enough data to... (More)


I am often asked to describe a time when I feel I’ve gone above and beyond for a customer.

I honestly despise this question, because I always feel like I am giving my best. And it’s too vague a question,... (More)