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Need input for a survey, feedback on an idea, or someone to participate in an interview or webinar? Share it here.

Merily Leis
Marketing @ Klaus 🐈

Looking for guest writers (paid) ✨

Hey folks!

We're looking for guest writers for our blog. The idea is to include the views and ideas of different people in the support space. We have a bunch of topics already in mind but are also open... (More)

Merily Leis
Marketing @ Klaus 🐈

πŸ‘‹ Hi friends, we need your help

Together with Intercom and the Support Driven community, we're creating a report to define the baseline for key support quality metrics.

The world of support is changing and evolving. Teams are adopting new tools and strategies in order to provide... (More)

Ann Kaer
Multimedia Storyteller

On the hunt for fresh QA stories

Hi there!

Have you recently launched a quality assurance program? I’m creating a video for a QA course and would love to include real-life stories from teams that have fresh experience with getting started with it. If that sounds like... (More)