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Using Klaus
Using Klaus

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New features available for Klaus users

Hiya! I'd like to invite all Klaus users to the Product Update Webinar which will take place on 28 October, 4 PM UTC.

From Klaus' team, @Chris Jewitt, @Valentina Thörner, and @Martin Kõiva will purr-sent our new... (More)

Luna Searles
Customer Support Learning and Development Lead

Praise? When a customer DEMANDED to speak to my CEO because the support I provided was that stellar (dusts shoulders off). They then took to Facebook for more praise. It was a great feeling.

The worst was also on Facebook.... (More)

Introducing: Pins for Coaching 📌 🎉

No more scrambling for notes, you can save the scrambling for your morning eggs 🍳

You asked, and we listened! With our Pins for Coaching feature:
📌 add notes on any agent directly into Klaus
📌 pin specific conversations an... (More)