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Job board

The right place for posting QA, CX, CS (you get the picture 😌) job listings.

Klaus is hiring!

Our small but mighty customer expurrience team is expanding and we're looking for a new specialist to join the team. Find out about all necessary requirements and apply HERE.

PS: this is how @Dajana Novak, our awesome CX... (More)

New year, new .. meow?!

If you're looking for a new job or have to interview new team members, this is something for you: @Grace Cartwright put together a great blog post with interview questions for Customer Service Quality Assurance Specialists. Answers included!

Read it... (More)

Ines van Dijk
Queen of Quality at

Looking for a person of quality?

Excuse the pun, I promise I can do better! That said: I am looking for my next career opportunity, and quality assessment is the way I'd like to move forward.

You can find my competences, references, and career to date... (More)

Medea Margania
Customer Success at Klaus

Voi is looking for a Senior Quality Assurance Lead