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Aistė Brazauskaitė
Customer Support Quality Assurance manager


Hi everyone! My name is Aiste and I'm a Support QA manager @Billo. This is the first time in history that we have such a position at the company, so it's been definitely a learning curve building a QA system... (More)

Emily Powell
CX Lead Training & Quality Executive at Huel

Hey everyone 🤗

My name is Em and I am the Lead Training & Quality Executive at Huel. I was recommended by a member of my team Rianne Vervuurt, and together we are creating the CX L&D department at Huel! Looking forward to... (More)

Ethan Muñoz
Customer Support Advocate @ Typeform

Hello from Barcelona and Typeform Support!

Hey everyone! My name is Ethan and I'm from the Typeform Support team. You know, the platform where you can create beautiful forms and surveys that people don't hate to complete :D

We use Klaus in-house and I've been recently... (More)

Benonica Angelova
Head of Customer Operations @Orderchamp

Hi CX community!

Hi everyone - I'm Benonica and I lead the Customer Ops at Orderchamp (customer support, tech support, success & onboarding). Passionate about building empathy-driven customer serving teams for the past 14 years. Excited to be part of the Klaus community... (More)