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Interesting content
Interesting content

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Launching Klaus' first quality assurance course

Big news: Klaus just launched Klaus' Courses - our first ever quality assurance course for companiew who want to set up the purrfect customer service QA program.

Kudos to @Riley James Young and @Ann Kaer who are the leading duo... (More)

Rewatch the latest webinar - Agent's Guide to Customer Service Quality

Our recording of last week's webinar is ready! I had a grrreat opportunity to chat with own @Chris Jewitt, @Ines van Dijk (Quality in Support) and @Paule Matkeviciute (tymeshift).

Rewatch it here ✨

PS: What's the weirdest or funniest... (More)

Ines van Dijk
Queen of Quality at

New blog: skills that should be in a support agent's toolbox

Meowdy folks! I've posted a new article on my blog, on the 3 skills I think every agent should have in their toolbox: empathy, the ability to direct, and being able to follow internal processes. Would love to hear... (More)

New year, new .. meow?!

If you're looking for a new job or have to interview new team members, this is something for you: @Grace Cartwright put together a great blog post with interview questions for Customer Service Quality Assurance Specialists. Answers included!

Read it... (More)