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Triin Ilves
community and events at klaus

Webinar alert: What's New - February 2023

Are you ready to take your Klaus mastery to the next level?

On February 15, tuna in with our team of experts to learn first about Klaus’ freshest product releases and more advanced practices.

Make the most of what Klaus... (More)


  1. My team and I are based in Kansas City, Missouri!
  2. I'm a Support Specialist, but I recently have taken responsibility for our IQS process.
  3. As I prepare to lead my first Calibration Session, I'd love some tips for structuring... (More)
Riley James Young
Educational Content Specialist

Klaus' Browser Extension Explained!

Have you ever wanted to review conversations directly in your helpdesk?

Do you want to review chats from platforms you have not connected with Klaus? 

Check out the video to see how Klaus' Browser Extension can help: