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Check out these upcoming events (in-person and online) 💥

In the upcoming weeks, we have a number of events coming up. I'm really excited to share these, because many of them will be in-person events! And this means real high-5s, elbow bumps, and good old mingling and networking.

Here's... (More)

Join our event "How to supercharge your support team with intelligent tools?"

Klaus joins forces with Assembled and Prodsight on how to analyze customer data to purr-vide insights on root causes and future needs.

We will have three experts joining us to discuss this matter. On September 16, 10AM PDT / 7PM... (More)

Becky O
CS Quality and Training Specialist at Typeform

We use it in 2 ways, weekly Peer reviews and monthly Feedback Sessions with the Quality Specialist (me).
The peer reviews are 5 reviews plus one self-review a week.
In monthly feedback sessions, I review 20-30 tickets from the previous... (More)