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December will be busy for many Klausians, take a look at what we’re doing / where we’re going:

6 DEC 16pm CET - webinar “How to Leverage AI in Customer Service QA with Klaus?” with Mervi Sepp Rei, PhD (Data... (More)

What's new in Klaus: Assignments 2.0! 🎉 (let us know what you think)

Our Review Assignments feature now offers greater flexibility to automate and accommodate your QA needs. Provide your team with a consistent flow of insightful conversations to review.

In addition to a brushed-up look and feel (hello, dedicated setup page!), we’ve... (More)

aHi, I'm Isa!! Me and my team have been loving to use Klaus, just wanted to throw this out there haha

  1. I'm from South Brazil, and I currently work remotely for a company based in Hawaii!
  2. My role there is... (More)

Good news - Klaus raised Series A

Hola, quality aficionados!

Slightly different news (but a very good one!) - Klaus raised €12m Series A round 🎉

With the new investment, we'll be growing our team. Lots of new positions are available here:

All of them are... (More)