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Coaching and onboarding
Coaching and onboarding

Successful onboarding and coaching processes are the key to stronger relationships, retention, and productivity.

This topic is for discussions and questions around agent coaching and onboarding. Share your tips and tricks or get help with a problem you're tackling.

How have you structured your 1-1 and feedback sessions with your support team?


  • How regularly do you have 1-1s?
  • Do you follow a strict agenda or improvise?
  • Do you go through specific tickets?
  • What happens after the 1-1? (new goals, notes with action plan, something else?

Do you feel that the 1-1s... (More)

Merily Leis
Marketing @ Klaus 🐈

Pros and Cons of 3 Support QA Calibration Strategies

Here's a follow-up to the article 5 Steps to a Successful Support QA Calibration Process.

Pros and Cons of 3 Support QA Calibration Strategies

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Agent onboarding training topics / checklist

We love being organized in everything we do, so we've created a checklist for onboarding new support agents πŸ€“

You can download a free copy for your team (and read more about it) here:

Our onboarding flow covers the... (More)